Custom Battery

Rabbit Tool WEST is dedicated to manufacturing NiMH battery solutions tailored to the specific needs of our customers whether we are producing hundreds or only one. We provide quality solutions at a competitive price with rapid response time.


We specialize in creating and repairing Nickle Metal Hydride (NiMh) battery packs. They have an energy density that approaches Lithium Ion batteries, but are very stable and unlike Lithium Ion, have no travel restrictions.

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M Cells Available

We are one of the only companies in the USA that stocks and uses high capacity M Cells. They are the highest capacity NiMh battery on the market right now and are perfect for many large scale battery packs.



NiMh Packs

24v Pack / 20 Ah / DD Cells
24v Packs/13 Ah / F Cells
36v Pack / 4.5Ah / 4/3 Cells
Charger / 24v & 36v / Smart Chargers
Damaged Pack. 24v / 20 Ah / DD cells
Repaired Pack. 24v / 20 Ah / DD cells
36v pack / 4.5 Ah / 4/3 cells
18v pack / 20 Ah / M cells
25.2v pack / 13 Ah / F cell
24v packs / 20 Ah / DD cells
24v packs / 20 Ah / M cells
36v pack / 4.5 Ah / 4/3 cells
18v pack / 26 Ah / M cells
24v pack / 13 Ah / F cells
42v pack / 16 Ah / F cells
42v pack / 10 Ah / D cells
Our extensive knowledge of NiMh battery packs allow us to quickly create a brand new custom battery pack for your application.


We have produced 12-48 volt NiMH battery packs for dive scooters, assembly line robots, power antennas, lights, unmanned specialty robots, hazardous duty robots, remote camera operations, bicycles and custom power management solutions all for customer designed applications.



Much of our business is to replace cells in packs that others have built. If you want new cells installed, we refurbish the pack to "like-new" condition.



We take testing very serious and do thorough testing on each pack as it is being built. We have specific check points that each pack must pass before the customer even sees it.

Battery Cell Specifications

Listed biggest to smallest

NiMh Pack Care

Excercising NiMh Batteries

NiMH batteries have no memory effect like other batteries, but they can lose capacity if they are not used often. To prevent this, we recommend you periodically "chemically exercise" the entire battery. Discharge down to about 1 volt per cell or until the controller stops.


DO NOT just "exercise" the atoms nearer the reactive surfaces via shallow charging and discharging.

By doing this deep discharge and recharge "exercise", you will increase the life of the battery pack.



About Us

Our Vision

Manufacture the highest quality NiMH packs and provide the best customer service possible.  Maintain a wide product range of internal components to aid in assembly of customer NiMH designed battery packs. Meet customer-scheduling requirements by fulfilling all scheduled shipping requirements on time every time. Encourage an environment of internal and external excellence in customer service.

Our Quality Commitment

We are committed to manufacture products to the dimensions and specifications the customer provides. We strive to maintain an acceptance rating of 98% or above. To Attain the highest standards of quality, we build quality into the part as it is being manufactured. Our standard practice is that we 100% inspect during the manufacturing process and to immediately stop and correct a potential problem. We DO NOT produce bulk components and then inspect afterwards.